Restoring Nature at Scale

high integrity community-based carbon removal projects

Why us

Oko is re-growing West Africa’s rainforests

Through Oko’s extensive experience and by utilising the latest technologies and at-scale planting methodologies, Oko ensures the maximum possible carbon removals whilst boosting biodiversity and supporting communities.

Championing innovative reforestation methodologies at scale: a scientific approach to replanting.
Over 15-years’ experience operating in West Africa: we know the ingredients for success.
Supporting communities, every step of the way: the key to long-term sustainability.
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Our numbers

Portfolio Vision

trees planted
tonnes of CO2 sequestered
jobs created
What we do

Our work is divided into 3 core objectives

Purposeful Project Development

Oko identifies, implements and manages purposeful, nature-based, community orientated nature-based solutions projects that restores and safeguards ecosystems.

Community Support

Oko’s projects have the communities at their core. Oko approaches project development by putting community well being first, ensuring that as Oko’s projects grow, community opportunities also grow.

Transparency Enabled by Technology

A key issue in this industry is the lack of transparency. Using cutting edge technology such as UAVs and real-time satellite data linked back to our proprietary dashboard, we present real time data about our projects that gives Oko's stakeholders transparent insight into the progress of each project.

Vital to the success of the carbon markets is good project development, community involvement, and transparency to ensure that the goals of any investment are realised through the operation. We offer the highest quality carbon credits globally, and believe that radical transparency is the way to ensure we do that.

Team members

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