Restoring Nature at scale

Through community-based, high-impact carbon project development.

Oko is a nature-based solutions carbon development company that designs, develops and implements high-impact community-based carbon removals projects that restores and safeguards nature.

Our objective

Restoring and protecting West Africa’s rainforests.

Sub-Saharan Africa is losing its forests at an alarming rate. This is due to a number of factors ranging from land use mismanagement, agricultural expansion, fuelwood harvesting, (legal and illegal) and timber harvesting (legal and illegal). Some sources claim that deforestation has already wiped out approximately 90% of West Africa’s original forests. But what is universally agreed is that action is imperative to reverse this trend.

Our mission

Fighting climate-change through transformative project development.

The fight to achieve Net Zero needs immediate action. Oko recognises this. Oko also recognises that to achieve long-lasting impact in the developing world, one must leave behind a legacy of sustainable business. It is Oko’s mission to scrub carbon from the atmosphere through restoring and transforming West Africa’s landscape, environmentally and economically by creating sustainable, long-term reforestation and conservation projects that support communities, and transform local economies with nature at their core.

Our values

The values that drive Us

Community Support

Communities are at the core of Oko’s development projects. Oko is passionate about supporting communities through job creation, training, and support programmes. We manage our social impact by reference to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, with each project defining particular SDGs and working to have a transformative impact.

Environmental Restoration

The forests of West Africa have been dangerously depleted over the past few decades. Oko values restoration above all else and is driven to restore West Africa’s indigenous rainforests and restore its ecosystems.

Transparency & Trust

From the communities that Oko works with to Oko’s customers and stakeholders, Oko guarantees openness and trust. We believe the best way to achieve this is by radical transparency.


Oko recognises that without sustainability, there will not be long-term protection for Oko’s replanted rainforests. Therefore the development of long-term and sustainable, community centric businesses and conservation strategies are synonymous with Oko’s values.

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