Reforestation in Sierra Leone

Oko, with its affiliate companies Demeter Holdings Ltd, Demeter Ghana Limited, Aya Data Ltd and Biz Heights Ltd, have operated in West Africa for over 15 years. This extensive experience is enabling Oko to quickly and impactfully scale its reforestation projects in the region.

Oko uses the latest technology

Oko, working with some of the best tech providers in the world, utilises the latest technology to assess, map and monitor its reforestation projects. By utilising technology, Oko is able to deliver higher quality projects to the communities and its customers whilst also ensuring project success through data-driven risk management.

Machine learning and AI in forest mapping

Oko’s affiliate company, Aya Data Ltd, drives Oko’s decision making through in-depth data labelling of its project sites.

Sierra Leone Reforestation Project

Big-data environmental and historical satellite imagery analysis.

Oko’s utilises the latest technology that computes big-data from global, historical satellite imagery data-bases. Utilising this technology allows Oko to analyse key project performance indicators that help drive project success.

Port Loko's Tree Cover Changes