Reforestation in Sierra Leone

Oko is replanting 22,000 hectares of indigenous forest in Port Loko, Sierra Leone. With over 15 years of operational experience in West Africa, Oko has to-date planted 500 hectares of the 22,000 hectare goal, with nearly half a million trees planted and 180 people hired from the communities.The project is restoring these native forests on land that his historically been deforested, returning these once proud natural ecosystems to the green landscapes they once were.

Oko uses the latest technology

Oko deploys the latest multispectral drone technology and no-code historical satellite imagery analysis software to assess, map and monitor its reforestation projects. By utilising technology, Oko is able to deliver higher quality projects to the communities and its customers whilst also ensuring project success through data-driven risk management.

Oko's multispectral drone ready to take flight

Machine learning and AI in forest mapping

Oko’s affiliate company, Aya Data Ltd, supports Oko’s decision making through in-depth data labeling of its project sites.

Project area map site mapping

Big-data environmental and historical satellite imagery analysis.

Oko’s utilises the latest technology that computes big-data from global, historical satellite imagery data-bases. Oko has developed a tool to analyse and identify eligible project sites that meet global registry standards and that is able to determine key project performance indicators that help drive project success.

Oko's historical satellite imagery analysis ARR eligibility tool

Oko's trees are growing

The first seedlings of Oko's reforestation project in Port Loko, Sierra Leone were planted in 2022. Since then Oko has to-date now planted nearly half a million trees across 35 indigenous and naturalised tree species.